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High School Basketball

2018 McGill Tip-Off Tournament

Baldwin County takes McGill Toolen into Overtime

Photo: McGill Toolen

Tip-Off Classic

We definitely had a barn burner at the Portier Center when the Baldwin County Tigers visted McGill Toolen Yellow Jackets.  In the 1st half of the game the play was intense, the lead continued to change hands.  There were over 72 free throws taken and over 95 fouls called of which were divided among both teams.  With only seconds left on the clock in the fourth quarter the Tigers were able to survive.  The game was tied and we were going into overtime, the crowd was loud and into the game.

McGill Toolen’s Senior SG Jack Flynn had the hot hand all night, shooting from behind the arch and driving to the basket and finishing at the rim.  Flynn lead all scores with 37 points and help his team bring home the victory in OT 68-65.  Baldwin County put up a very good fight to only fall by only three points.

Scoring Leaders

McGill Toolen

Jack Flynn – 37 Pts.

Barry Dunning II – 13 Pts.

Cole LaRue – 8 Pts.

Baldwin County

Javis Athchison – 17 Pts.

Deimir Sewel – 11 Pts.



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