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Rankings Good or Bad

Rankings do they really matter is the question?

​Players use rankings as as if it will get them a scholarship, parents think that’s all that matters, and coaches use it to gain interest for their own purpose. Everyone should remember, especially players, coaches and parents that any set of rankings doesn’t define player. Just because a player is highly ranked or not ranked at all, early in their career, doesn’t mean that’s where they will finish.

Rankings just give you a glimps of a players skill set at that time. Players should truly love the game and use it to get a good education. If a player is ranked low or not ranked at all, the can get frustrated and think that all the hard work they have been putting in was for nothing. That leads to the player becoming a ball hog trying to get the rankings up instead of playing their game and being a team player. Going hand in hand with player rankings is the need for exposure. After all, you need exposure to get ranked, right? How can you get ranked if no one ever sees you play?

Exposure will come just be the best player and teammate you can be, if you can play you will be found. Players, parents, and coaches don’t get caught up into player rankings. Just work on development and daily improvement. Focus on getting better every day.

Remember, “It’s not where you start, it’s where you finish .”

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