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The Dynamic Duo of Blacksher

2020 6'4 Jaiveyon Tucker & 2021 6'5 Kedarieon Rabb

Have you ever been to a small town that no one really noticed for any reason at all? Well today there is a small rural city in Alabama called Uriah who’s population is about 1,775 and is located off of State Road 21 and 59 in Monroe County according to Wikipedia. Here in Uriah is a high school named JU Blacksher, which was established in 1924 named after James Uriah Blacksher one of the founders and a namesake of Uriah, AL.

At J U Blacksher School, the student body makeup is 51 percent male and 49 percent female, and the total minority enrollment is 23 percent. J U Blacksher School is 1 of 4 high schools in the Monroe County. JU Blacksher has several diamonds in the rough that you couldn’t find in this rural area. I was told there isn’t any media coverage at Blacksher or any rural areas in this part of the state of Alabama for sports. So a little birdie sent word to Ballin Down South that there was a dynamic duo playing basketball at Blacksher High School.

So it is with great pleasure to introduce two of the best unknown Alabama High School Basketball Players 2021 Kedarieon Rabb and 2020 Jaiveyon Tucker of JU Blacksher. This duo has given teams fits on the court and ask them why they play well with each other?

Kedarieon Rabb

“We Practice , Put In Hard Work and Grind For It Everyday But Put God First and We Are Very Big And Fast . We Lead Our Team To Big Wins . What They Can’t Do We Finish It . We’re Such Good Leaders I’d Think No one Can Stay In front Of Us. We Just Trust The Process And Try To Increase Our Game Everyday ”

Kedarieon Rabb Highlight

Jaiveyon Tucker

“Me and Rabb have good chemistry. We have been playing with each other since Middle School. We both communicate without even talking. What we have goes further than just basketball. Rabb is a good player and he can read my mind sometimes. We just know where each other are on the court. I can depend on Rabb and he can depend on me.
Last but not least we both put god first. “

I’m telling you look for these two athletes to do big things at the college level. Both of these kids performs in the classroom as well as on the court and it’s called Student-Athlete for a reason. I’m happy to have found these two athletes that otherwise would have slipped through the cracks. So from Ballin Down South to you guys, “We Ballin”

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